Parliament, one of the most prestigious cigarette brands, is a creation of Philip Morris. It is on the 4th place in the world in sales. Parliament brand is a successful decision for those who appreciate quality taste, stylish look and appropriate price. The image of the brand contributes to the huge popularity of the brand [...]

How to understand that a cigarette brand filter doesn’t suit you? The fact is that the filter greatly absorbs bacteria.To avoid this, don’t have the habit to keep cigarettes in mouth, soaking the filter and don’t take a cigarettes from another person. Smoking around, from one to another, of one cigarette, can lead to very [...]

To create a blend of high quality tobacco and ongoing maintenance of its characteristics is necessary to use a wide range of tobacco, as the quality and the level of nicotine may vary depending to the crop. The blend consisting from tobacco imported from different countries, help to avoid possible negative variation, that can affect [...]

This world famous luxury cigarettes are made by Philip Morris brand, which was founded in 1847 by Philip Morris, the seller of cigars in a small London shop on Bond Street. It was the first store that start selling cigars in London, but already in 1854, Philip Morris released first cigarette, which immediately acquired great [...]

1 Jul 2011

Parliament One

Parliament One cigarettes have a sharp flavor. This flavor is liked by many chain smokers. Usually, they smoke these cigarettes at the end of the working day if they want to destress. And because of being very popular, Parliaments have earned themselves several different nicknames among smokers. For example, “P-Funks” and “P-Lights” are two favorite [...]

11 Apr 2011

Parliament Lights

Parliament Lights is a perfect brand for social smokers or those who are planning to quit smoking. It contains just 0,6 mg of nicotine and 8 mg of tar. Parliament cigarettes are made under the authority of Philip Morris. What are the benefits of Parliament Lights cigarettes? First of all its unique filter system. Instead [...]

11 Apr 2011

Parliament Night Blue

Parliament is a brand of cigarettes marketed by Phillip Morris. The distinctive feature of Parliament Night Blue is its unique recessed filter. What is it? In 1931 when most of cigarette brands were offering products with solid foam filters, Phillip Morris introduced new innovative Parliament cigarettes with recessed paper filter for better filtration and staining [...]

11 Apr 2011

Parliament cigarettes

No one can deny that there is something charming and alluring in smoking process. Cigarette helps you either relax or concentrate on something that worries you. Moreover the brand you smoke can tell about your social status. Parliament cigarettes are the best choice for successful people. Tobacco quality is perfect, the package has austere design. [...]